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Emberfall is already a great place to join into. Everyone is friendly and it definitely makes you want to stay. There are a couple of suggestions that might increase the appeal of Emberfall.Global, Local, and Market Chat As far as I know, there is only Global Chat. It's a default for every minecraft server, but not everyone wants to communicate in Global Chat when talking specifically to one person or a set of people. Local chat not only gives a chat selection that sends a chat to player(s) within a certain radius but also keeps Global Chat from being clogged up. The PM chat is useful, but it only extends to one player at a time. Local can be sent to any players within the radius, making Dungeons easier as well as just everyday MC activities. Market Chat is just like Global Chat (everyone can see it), but from the use I've seen you can set the chat to a specific color to advertise items or shops. The Ad plugin (paid with 1k in-game money) is a good route to go with the economy, but it would be better used as a reoccuring Ad than just a one-time thing. Market Chat (while free from what I've seen) can give this access to a lot of people. To fit in with the economy, you could make this a 1-time in-game purchas of 1k (if possible) while the Ad (made reoccuring) could be 2.5k or 5k in-game. Just an idea. People would pay to change the Ad, as not everything stays the same. Fly Permissions Fly is a great thing to have. Can't and won't argue with that. It's helpful with building, finding certain biomes, even evading Phantoms (which I wish would stop attacking me). The current plugin (which was made by the owner as I heard) has books and limited fly perms. While some people prefer this as it leans to a more survival perspective, you could also have a Permissions Shop that allows players to buy /fly permanently (or continued limited perm) by paying a certain amount of money. Of course I wouldn't make it as simple as 10k. That seems to easy and not everything should just be handed out. So two options that I see benefiting Emberfall and it's players are A) permanent fly bought in game with a permissions plugin or B) limited fly perms bought with the permissions plugin that is not stackable.  Sethomes and Warps I really enjoy the idea of the /sethomes, the only thing I would change is the default amount of homes. Don't worry. Not 3 or 4 just defaults, but 2. One for your home and one extra for anything else you might need. The rest of the homes can be earned through the rankup system and purchases as they are. The warps confuse me a little. I can't find a list of warps anywhere I go. Doing the /warp command usually gives you a list of all available warps your rank can do (which on default should be everything non-staff related). I might be thinking of a different plugin, but this seems to eliminate confusion of server-set warps. Like the Market and Spawn. I'm not sure if there's any other server-set warps besides these ones. There do be no list.  That's all I've got for right now. Hope some of this gets taken into consideration :D
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