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3 months ago
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Can we have mob griefing turned off and every Sunday turn it on for villager breeding day?
14 days ago

lol, afk kick time would just mean less accounts are online nothing more. Also a simple mouse move macro would prevent an afk timer from starting.
about 1 month ago

still only have 2 of 10 fish ... probably been like 4 hours
about 1 month ago

Legendary quest book with -catch 10 clownfish. Could we reduce to 5 clownfish (5 hours of fishing) or to 40 puffer fish (2 hours of fishing)?  Based on my luck at fishing. Literally been fishing for 2 hours, if not more, and only caught 2 clownfish, (1 tropical fish , and one junk that counted as clownfish) This quest has brought great frustration to any member of the server who has recieved it.
about 1 month ago

Be me, have 2 Legendary quest books with gain Exp. task. Complete the 7000ish xp requirment of the first book and have that amount as negative XP on the second book. 7000 - 0 = -7000 Second quest book now needs 9952 + 7000 = 16952XP to complete. (Note: xp shown is less than original amount due to grinding)  
about 1 month ago