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Hello Luc4s, as you know I've been having trouble setting up market plots in Davenport. I have done some research and theres some market plugins that would allow me to select a special area that would allow people to build in, while keeping the building the markets are housed in and other players plots safe from griefers. One such plugin is called "Advanced Region Markets" This plugin would grant you, and players of the server to create Shopping malls, Markets, You name it. Without the unrefined look of the 16x16 plots. It would also allow you to create paths which players cannot build on in between the 16x16 plots we already have. This server is a very fun and well thought out server, but I really think a plugin like this would be a step in the right direction for the whole "market" situation I'm having. Beznazwy1234 and IamQbert have already purchased plots here and I would be very sad to tell them that the market has to be rebuilt to support 16x16 plot ownership.  I will link below some other Plugins you could use that will do the same or similar operations: AreaShop Region Shops I think it is worth noting that I will need temporary access to World Guard Used in tandem with the plugins I have previously noted, we can make the best player shops Minecraft has ever seen! Please consider my requests, if you have questions or would like to reach me you can pm me on the server, or if I'm offline you can text my phone at (919)-753-4618. 
7 months ago