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and i forgot to say Administration dont have to remove trident that is there now they can just add a sign that sometimes it can work not like player want it to work and add this 2 tridents i was saying about
8 days ago

In relic shop there is trident that have all enchants avaible on tridents and channeling is to hit something with thunders while wheather is thundering and then its raining so when you try to from it or fly with riptidite then you cant choose what enchant to use beacuse it makes you fly with riptidite or throw it and just use other enchants that it have and if there isnt anything on server that makes only while there is rain and player is in rain then player can in the same use of trident he/she can fly with riptidite and in the same time throw trident and even with it it will be hard to use beacuse when you want to stand still and throw trident at something while standing in rain you fly with riptidite so i think Administration should remove that trident and add 2 other tridents 1 with riptidite unbreaking mending and maybe with CE's and 1 with all other enchants and CE's
8 days ago